Great Ocean Walk, Australia

Victoria, Australia (104km)

This stunning hike stretches along cliff top paths, forest and remote ocean beaches from Apollo Bay to the Twelve Apostles.  It is sandwiched between the famed Great Ocean Road and the great ocean itself, and is easily accessible just a few short hours from Melbourne.

Although close to many heavily visited tourist viewpoints, the Great Ocean Walk will largely have you enjoying this scenic coastline on your own, giving you a ‘backstage pass’ to some beautiful areas mostly inaccessible to car based tourists.

The region is a hotspot for wildlife and you’re very likely to see koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, plenty of birds and maybe a few lazy snakes.  Campsites are located in stunning locations, often with cliff top sea views.  Expect to take between 5-8 days to complete if you want to enjoy your time at the many beautiful beaches and viewpoints along the way.

Visit the official website for more details or check out my blog.

Order a detailed map/trail notes from Meridian Maps

See photos of this walk on Facebook.

Wreck Beach DSC04535 copy

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